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Past Winners (Women)

1989Gordon and Sinte
1990Cooper and Hazell
1991Kittlety and Glover
1992Kittlety and Glover
1993Cooper and Listor
1994Cooper and Glover
1995Austin and Malone
1996Austin and Malone
1997Austin and Malone
1998Austin and Malone
1999Coutts and Aceves
2000Coutts and Norman
2001Cooper and Glover
2002Austin and Glover
2003Austin and Coutts
2004Meijer and Spokes
2005Austin and Glover
2006Boulton and Johns
2007Boulton and Johns
2008Mullin and Johns
2009Austin and Coutts
2010Mullin and Dampney
2011Plonka and Medricka
2012Olympic Games
2013Plonka and Medricka
2014Austin and Boulton
2015 Palmer and  Grimson
2016Gless and Holt
2017Austin and Adamek

Past Winners (Men)

1983Pincott and Hodges
1984Banasiewicz and Rospedowski
1985Banasiewicz and Rospedowski
1986Banasiewicz and Rospedowski
1987Allen and Jones
1988Joyce and Powis
1989Joyce and Fairclough
1990Dobell and King
1991Cranstone and Fairclough
1992Cranstone and Fairclough
1993Joyce and Kittelty
1994Dobell and Jones
1995Fairclough and Pursey
1996Fairclough and Pursey
1997Wol and Gwinnett
1998Hollis and Fee
1999Hollis and Pursey
2000Hollis and Pursey
2001Gooding and Godwin
2002Hollis and Pursey
2003Gooding and Lucas
2004Mildred and Stolberg
2005Glitz and Neubert
2006Hedlund and Thornton
2007Bowes and Miedzybrodski
2008Bowes and Grinlaubs
2009Grotowski and Weaver
2010Lord and Miedzybrodski
2011Lord and Miedzybrodzki
2012Olympic Games
2013Pitman and Miedzybrodski
2014Garcia -Kidd and Wilson
2015Pitman and Tutton
2016Smith and Watson
2017Batrane and Poole