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Weymouth ‘Go Spike’ Beach Volleyball 2017

League Info & Rules

Welcome to the start of another season. There are 2 sections to the Go Spike league which is run on the Weymouth ‘Go Spike’ courts every Tuesday between May 9th and July 25th 2017

All standards from novice to expert are catered for

A Series

This will be the  same format as last year with a King Of the Beach event on the first Tues of each month i.e 30/5,  27/6 and 25/7. This section is aimed  at experienced  and up and coming beach volleyball players who may well want compete on the National tour or other National events now or in the future.

The top 8 individual point scorers during that month will complete for the prize money. On the same evening the next 8 ranked individuals will take part in a similar challenger event.

Ranking points are scored in the following way:

Winner of A Series:  Number of points will match the number of entries in the Series that evening i.e 8 entries 8 points, both players will receive these points.

Runner Up: Winners score -2 points (  If 8 teams runner up scores 6 points)

Losing semi finalists: Winners score -4 points ( If 8 teams losing semi-finalist scores 4 points 

Other teams :  2 points for a pool match win ( unless 6 or less teams are competing then 1 point scored)

                            1 point for competing in the event

Any player playing in series A and who has reached a semi final stage cannot then take part in a B Series event in the same season (except in exceptional circumstances agreed by the organising committee for instance returning from injury, playing with a beginner etc)

Each week players will be expected to referee other matches and the semi finalist team who scored the least points will referee the final.

A Player must compete in a minimum of 2 events in that month to be able to take part in the Super 8 ( Committee has the right to over rule this in exceptional circumstances i.e bad weather) 

The weekly rankings and overall rankings will be published on the website.

B Series

Each week there  will also  be a B tournament. This event is aimed at players  who are new to beach Volleyball or whose level of play is more appropriate to this Section.  Each player which wins a B series event will play in the A Series the following week after this they may choose whether to return to the B Series or stay in the A Series. However once team has won  3 matches in  the A series they will not be able to return to the B Series for that season.

Each week players will be expected to referee other matches and the semi finalist team who scored the least points will referee the final.

The weekly rankings and overall rankings will be published on the website.


A Series: Entry Fee £12 per team per week for non members  and £10 for members. £5 of every  team entry goes towards prize money. A side playing in the A Series because they qualified as previous week’s B winners will only pay that  B Series fee for that week.

Entry fee for the B Series  members: £6 per team per week for  non members £5 per week for members

The entry fee goes into the accounts of Weymouth Beach Volleyball club and is used for purchasing  new equipment and  promoting all Beach Volleyball in Weymouth. For instance last season a new net for the courts was purchased cost £200


Players need to report on the beach between 6-6.30pm on Tuesday evening. The courts will be located near the Boat cafe. Players can enter as many weeks as they like, although obviously the more weeks you compete the better chance you have of a higher ranking

The Club have permission for one car to be on the Esplanade to help organisation. No other cars should be parked on the Esplanade at any time and are in danger of collecting a parking fine.


Each Tuesday at 6.30pm, after entry has closed a format will be devised which gives as much playing time as possible but allows enough time for the final to be completed before dusk. This format is the sole responsibility of the organisers. The organisers will take into account number of teams, time of dusk and weather conditions


We are keen that players become members of Weymouth Beach Volleyball to do this you just need to send an e mail to with your name, e mail address, phone number, date of birth and address.  Players will not be charged non member rate on their first week of attendance


For the league to run smoothly a few volunteers are needed each week. There will be a sign up sheet for these jobs on site each week. It is hoped regular attenders will sign up  for a job at least twice per season ( all jobs can be combined with playing)


The club’s aims are to promote Beach Volleyball in the Weymouth and Portland area. The club currently has two main tasks a) To organise and run the Weymouth Beach Classic and b) to organise the ‘Go Spike’ league. The club are run by a committee whose current members are:

Graeme Sawyer ( Chairman)

Pete Bennett ( Treasurer)

Terry Oldrid

Elliott Sawyer


The club hold an annual meeting each year in September at which all members are welcome to attend

We are a registered club with Volleyball England and are supported by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council. The events have public liability insurance.

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